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Selling April 30, 2018

How much is my property worth?

Selling your property is a big decision, and agreeing on an asking price is key. But how much is your house worth, and how do estate agents come to a final figure? 

This quick video tells you how to get a rough idea of the value of your home. It explains how an estate agent will take these figures and turn them into an asking price, so you can feel in control during the process. 

1. Research similar properties

Make sure before you put your property on the market, you do your research. Take a look at other properties in your area which are either on the market or have recently been sold. Take a look at how much similar properties have been sold for and how much they on the market for.

2. Use our online valuation tool

If you are looking to sell your property, then use our online valuation tool. It will give you the most accurate quote possible, by using all the information you supply and information based on the public land registry data. Simply fill out the form to the best of your ability and you should receive an online valuation.

3. Invite an estate agent to visit

After you have conducted your online research, it is always best to get an estate agent to come and value your house. Your local estate agent will understand the local market and the surrounding areas. They will have the best and most accurate information possible about the surrounding areas. Knowing any new developments in the area which could increase/decrease the value of your property. They will be able to take everything into consideration, including the condition of your property. So invite one of our local guild members to evaluate your property.

4. Go for an agent you can trust

After you have agreed the asking price for your property, it is essential that you instruct an estate agent which you trust. After all, they will be marketing your property, trying to sell it to potential buyers, so you need to be sure they are the best agents for you.

It is essential that you are realistic about your price. Most of the time you will go below the asking price and so it may be an option to put it on the market a little higher than what you were expecting. However, don’t worry, all of our members will be happy to assist you to make the right decision about your property.

For more information on what has just been explained, take a look at this quick video. It gives a rough idea of how to get an accurate valuation of your home. It explains how an estate agent will take these figures and turn them into an asking price, so you can feel in control during the process. Take a look at it here.

So if you are thinking of selling your home, and are wanting us to represent you. Then click here to contact your local Guild agent, we will be happy to assist you.

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